Highway Department

Highway Department Staff

The Grand Island Highway Department provides a wide variety of services including:

  • Issue permits for work to be performed in Town Highway right-of-ways
    • Curb cuts
    • Driveway culvert permits
    • Road push or boring permits
    • Open road cuts
    • Power and telephone pole location permits and gas line permits
  • Snow and ice removal on all Town roads and roads owned by Erie County, which are done under contract
  • The upkeep of all Town-owned roads
    • Paving and patching
    • Hot patching in summer
    • Cold patching in winter
    • Road striping
  • Road sweeping on Town roads (curbed areas mostly)
  • Roadside mowing of Town roads
  • Traffic control sign installation and maintenance
  • Maintenance of roadside ditches
    • Roadside ditching
    • Installing driveway culverts by permit
    • Installing pipe across the premises by permit
  • Fleet Maintenance for all Town-owned vehicles.