We oversee the operation of the 2.5 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System. The distribution system has over 125 miles of waterline, 1,000 valves, and 1,500 hydrants. The Water Department has 10 full-time employees


We oversee the operation of the 3.5 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System. The collection system has over 100 miles of gravity sewer and 22 pump stations. The Wastewater Department has 1 part-time and 11 full-time employees.


We are responsible for preparing plans and specifications for all Capital Improvement Projects. This includes the annual highway resurfacing program, improvements to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as their respective distribution and collection systems, and improvements in Town parks and all Town-owned buildings. This also includes preparing the documents for the State Environmental Quality Review.

We also review and recommend approval for subdivision plans from private developers and oversee the construction of all public improvements to ensure they are constructed to Town Standards. Commercial Development site plan review and recommendation for approval are also performed by this department.

Additionally, we prepare and administer the contracts for solid waste collection and recycling, traffic signal maintenance, and maintenance contracts for electrical and plumbing repairs.

We prepare and administer the Town's Geographic Information System (GIS) and store and maintain 3,000 drawings of the Town's Infrastructure and Town maps.

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