K Through 12 Education

The Grand Island Central School District has a long history of being one of Western New York State's highest-performing academic institutions. Based on a detailed evaluation done annually by the Buffalo Business First publication, Grand Island has been rated number seven among 98 other districts.

Recently Newsweek magazine selected Grand Island High School as one of the most outstanding in the United States on the basis of the number of students completing college-level classes while still in high school. The high school has continued to increase its number of Advanced Placement classes while at the same time becoming only the second school in the entire region to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate diploma.

Within the last few years, our high school students achieved the rare honor of having every varsity athletic team earning the New York State Scholar-Athlete Award which requires each team to have had at least a 90% student average.

In April 2012 the District earned another national award as one of the 100 best communities for music education in the United States.

Our pre-engineering technology program attracts hundreds of students to its courses including many female students. In regional technology competitions, Grand Island has excelled winning each time based on the exceptional work of our students and outstanding teachers.

The core of the success of our school district begins in elementary schools. Dedicated teachers emphasize the teaching of skills in literacy and mathematics in order to have all of them prepared for the rigor of middle and high school.

The richness of experiences vital to the overall growth of students can be found in the Grand Island schools. We believe that every student will find success in our schools.

Finally, the Grand Island community by a nearly 5-1 margin approved a $50,000,000+ capital project which will improve the infrastructure of every school. Classroom expansions will be most notable in the high school. The theme of the school district budget has been "Developing a World-Class School District in a New Economic Reality".

It is strongly believed that one of the best school districts in New York State will become even better in the future based on the positive commitments of the Board of Education and community to support motivated, well-prepared students with caring parents and school staff.

Grand Island is also proud of St. Stephen's, a private K-8 Catholic School which continues to top the private school rankings.