Planning Board

This board's mission is three-fold: 

  • to recommend to the Town Board any laws, regulations or rules that relate to town planning and development, 
  • to report to the Town Board on all matters referred to it including all applications for site plan, sub-division, special use and zoning changes, 
  • to make such investigations, maps, reports and recommendations in connection with the planning and development of the town as it deems desirable.



Planning Board Info

Members of the Planning Board:

  • David Bruno, Chair - 2022
  • Robert Starzynski,- 2027
  • Frank Greco - 2023
  • Sandra Lare - 2026
  • David Duchscherer - 2024
  • Norm Stessing - 2025
  • Timothy Worrall - 2024
  • Brad Bowman - Alternate 
  • Jeremy Pagoada - Alternate
  • Peter Marston, Town Board Liaison

Seven members serve seven year terms expiring on December 31 of the year indicated.

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