Human Rights Commission

About the Human Rights Commission

This group strives to foster mutual respect and understanding among racial, religious, ethnic and other groups on Grand Island. It is empowered to inquire and work toward resolution of any incident or tension or conflict among or between groups and individuals as specified by the Human Rights Law of New York State. Through its participation and support of the creation of studies, programs, and campaigns that inform and educate the public as to its rights and obligations, and the effects of the violation of human rights on the entire community, the commission continues to seek to ensure that every citizen has an equal opportunity to participate fully in the economic, cultural, and intellectual life of Grand Island.

This committee meets as needed.

Members Info

Members of the Human Rights Commission:

  • Christine Sanborn, Chairperson - 2024
  • Terry Franckowiak - 2022
  • Robin Pulliam - 2025
  • Mary Sommer - 2021
  • Forrest Crawford - 2023
  • John Whitney, Town Board Liaison

Five members are appointed and serve five year terms expiring on December 31 in the year listed.

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