Conservation Advisory Board

About the Conservation Advisory Board

The Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) reviews proposals or applications resulting in the use or development of any open space identified in the approved Town of Grand Island Open Space Plan. Recommendations that reasonably achieve the goal of maintaining, improving or otherwise enhancing the environmental quality of Grand Island are provided to the Town Board for consideration.

The CAB also serves as a consultant to the Town Board on environmental matters.

Nine members are appointed to five-year terms expiring on December 31st of the year indicated.

The Board meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.*
1st Floor Conference Room at Town Hall.


State Parks Strengthens Niagara River Island Ecosystem

There are four State Park projects on and around Grand Island. The goal of these projects is to protect and restore the environmental damage that has occurred over the years that has been caused by both human and natural forces.

Each project is unique and includes the installation of natural habitat features such as rock reefs, submerged logs and other natural habitat features that provide fish spawning habitat for species like northern pike and muskellunge. These projects will also increase the riverine and coastal wetlands by restoring submerged aquatic and emergent vegetation areas. 

Read more about the projects and their benefits

The Town of Grand Island Conservation Advisory Board
has published a Riparian Zone flyer called
"Don't Lose Your Edge",
to inform residents of the best way to protect their property, that abuts a water source.

Contact Info

Members of the Conservation Advisory Board

  • Jeffrey Green, Chair - 2025
  • Suzanne Tomkins, Vice Chair  - 2025
  • Tom Burke, Secretary - 2021
  • Diane Evans - 2024
  • Sam Akinbami - 2024
  • Edward Standora  - 2025
  • James Czpala - 2021
  • Alice Gerard - 2023
  • Paul Yaeger - 2022
  • Gerald Sitarski - Alternate
  • Liz Zilbauer - Alternate 
  • Mike Madigan - Town Board Liaison

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