Board of Assessment Review

Citizens who wish to challenge the assessment on their property have that opportunity once each year in front of this board.  New York State approved forms and instructions are available in the Assessor's Office.  This board is advised by the Town Assessor, Judy Tafelski.

Five members serve five-year terms expiring on September 30th of the year indicated.

This committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of May from 4 pm - 8 pm
1st Floor Conference Room at Town Hall.

About Board of Assessment

Members of the Board of Assessment Review Board:

  • William Gworek, Jr. - 2021
  • Celia Spacone - 2022
  • Brad Bowman - 2023
  • James Szakacs - 2025
  • David M. Bruno - 2024
  • Vienna A. Haak - Alternate 
Chairperson is elected at the start of each session.

Please email or
Town Assessor, Judy Tafelski at  for more information.